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Which RV Trailer is Right for You?

Different Types of RVs: Which is Right for You? RV trailers and wholesale RVs are popular worldwide. They are especially high in demand in the United States for a variety of reasons, including travel, camping excursions and housing alternatives. If you’re considering the purchase of one of these new RVs as transportation options, you should [...]

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What RV Clubs and Associations Should I Join?

Whether you’re the proud owner of a new RV or a have been a used RV owner for years, it’s never too late to get involved. Living the RV lifestyle is more than just owning an RV. It’s about getting involved in the community. The best way to grow your network and get involved is [...]

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Now What? RV Maintenance After a Trip

You had fun, you made priceless memories, and you got in some much needed family time. But, it’s back to reality. If you don’t plan on taking another trip for a while, it’s important to do some RV maintenance to keep your recreational vehicle in prime condition. One of the most important routine maintenance tasks [...]

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Prepping for Extended RV Travel

Now this is what you bought the RV for! With used RVs Florida, the thrill is just the same. Your shake-down cruises are over, and you’re ready for an extended tour. Stocking the cabinets is an entirely individual affair; you’ll want as much or as little water, food (don’t forget the pets) and fuel as your plans require. [...]

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Olympic Peninsula

  We’ve made it to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington thanks to our Roadtrek CS E-Trek. Let us know what you think!    

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E-Trek Technology – Is it right for you?

The question I keep getting is the E-Trek Technology right for me or not? The answer depends on how you use it! In our situation its the perfect option. We typically stay in parks and hook to power, we have the beauty of running everything for hours without having the noise of the generator, and [...]

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Day 5: Glaciers in the Roadtrek CS Etrek

RV World Inc. Road Trip 2013 – Day 5 Our Roadtrek CS Etrek is taking us further west from our start in Kalispell, MT. Here is where we’ve been so far: What kind of road trip can you have in the Roadtrek CS Etrek? Take a look…

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This is why people buy an RV – Road Trip 2013

WOW! This is why people buy an RV. We shipped our 2014 CS E-trek Roadtrek to Montana to save time as we did not want to waste a week driving out to our destination point. After trying to fly out there I began to realize more and more how great an RV actually is. We [...]

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2014 Roadtrek CS Etrek Summer Trip

RV World Inc of Nokomis & Lakeland Florida – Follow the “Road Trip” of Matt & Viktoria Gerzeny traveling from Kalispell, Montana to Oregon, Washington and more. Check back here on the RV World Inc blog for updates regarding their location, the 2014 Roadtrek CS Etrek they are traveling in and more! Here is a [...]

Pros and Cons of Having an RV Clothes Washer/Dryer

The ethos behind traveling in an RV is the eradication of aggravation; the maximizing of comfort and convenience. We pack and unpack once per journey, not once a day. Our favorite foods are at our fingertips, and we certainly wouldn’t be without our nice, clean bathroom. But what about a washer/dryer combo? Is it a necessary [...]

RV Education: RV Insurance FAQs

If you are purchasing new RVs or used RVs in Florida you will need to have RV insurance. Here are a few things you should know. Is insurance different depending on what type of RV I have? Yes.  At a minimum the dollar amounts of coverage and what you will pay for it will be different.  And [...]

10 Tips for Choosing the Right RV

So you’re ready to start shopping around for a new recreational vehicle, but don’t know what kind you want to purchase.  RV design, manufacture, and technology has come far in the past several decades. Towed RVs can come with just as many luxuries and options as self-contained RVs, giving you more choices when deciding which one [...]

Best Ways to Enjoy RV Shows

If you have a used RV, are considering a purchase, or just enjoy new features and innovations, chances are you’re planning a visit to an RV show in the future. Having the opportunity to learn first-hand about different sizes, floor plans, makes and models, an RV show is one of the best tools for gathering [...]